Unscented Soy Candles in Vintage Seneca Driftwood Glasses Accent Red - Morgantown

  • $24.75

We found these glasses in a local antique store. We weren't familiar with Seneca glassware at the time, but knew these little beauties were coming home for a candle making session.

The glasses were produced from the mid 60's - 1982. They're beautifully textured, and are a gorgeous shade of ruby red. Each glass is in perfect condition; no nicks, chips, or cracks.

Each glass is filled with approximately 5.5 oz. of unscented 100% soy wax, using natural wicks.

They produce a beautiful glow and would be great for a romantic dinner, or placed on your mantel.

Once the candle is spent (do not burn once wax is down to 1/2 inch), simply place the glass upside down on a cookie sheet lined with paper towels or parchment paper - in a 170 degree oven for 5 - 8 minutes until completely melted, then pour into garbage. Wipe with a paper towel, then wash & you've got yourself a vintage collectible glass.

Listing is for individual candles.