Wax Tart Melts, Highly Scented Wax Tarts

  • $6.99

Wax Tart melts are a great alternative for anyone who loves the scent of a candle, but doesn't want an open flame. Simply break of 1 - 2 squares of wax ( it's best to start with 1 to ensure melter doesn't overfill), and place in wax melter.

Our Tarts are Highly scented at 10 - 15 % with a blend of Essential Oils and Phthalate/Nitro free fragrance oils. Each square lasts 5 - 8 hours under normal heating conditions; extreme heat will cause the scent to dissipate more quickly.

Please use caution around pets and children, hot wax can cause burns to skin.

Scent Description:

Tarocco Orange - blood orange, tangerine, musk, and jasmine

Kudzu - Kudzu, muguet lily, violet

Pumpkin - pumpkin, nutmeg, hickory & cinnamon

Cranberry Zest - cranberry, mandarin & elderberry (insert monty python joke here)

Roughbark & Musk - guicawood, bergamot, tea & black pepper

Oakmoss & Amber - oakmoss, lavandin, sage & musk

Pink Pepperberry - bergamot, raspberry, vanilla & pink peppercorn

Fig Tree Blossom - fig, rosewood, apricot & violet

Olive Tree Blossom - olive, geranium, lemon & oak

Yuzu - yuzu, grapefruit & neroli

Steampunk - sandalwood, patchouli, bergamot & cinnamon

Winter Festival - grapefruit, spruce, plum & cinnamon

O Tannenbaum - spruce, cranberry & eucalyptus

Cedar Saffron - cedar, saffron, geranium, vetiver and musk.

La Ville de Bruxelles - rose, cannabis, bergamot & oolong tea

Mango Nation - mango, lime, peach & brown sugar

Strawberry Rhubarb - the name speaks for itself ( :

Orange you glad - sweet orange, ginger, anise & clove

Rosemary & Lavender - you guessed it!..rosemary & lavender

Lemongrass & Sage - lemongrass, sage & cyclamen

Grapefruit & Bamboo - white grapefruit, bamboo & lily

Apple Harvest - gala apple, cedar, nutmeg & clove

Hypnotic Cumaru Seed - cumaru, almond & vanilla

Belles of Ireland - bells of ireland, cyclamen & bamboo

Desert Garden - cactus flower, sedona, sage & dragon fruit

Cranberry Garland - a wintery blend of tart cranberries with citrus topnotes

We add Eco- friendly color to many of the melts (not all of them though). If you have a scent that you love, but don't see listed, feel free to email us; we have a ton of essential & fragrance oils and am more than happy to take custom orders (colors or scents), however there is a minimum order of 3 tarts per special order.